Several wefts are sewn together to create a thick, quadruple weft which is then worn like a head band using our ‘Secret Wire’. This invisible wire is a pliable, adjustable transparent wire that will hold the hair in place comfortably. Your hair is then worn over the ‘The Secret Halo Hair Extensions’ to create a natural looking result. Some people call this system hair on a wire hair extensions

Human Hair: Hair extensions made of real human hair are silky, soft, and can safely be styled with hot tools. These are your best bet for a natural look!
Remy Hair: This hair quality is one of the best on the market. In addition to having all the benefits of real human hair extensions, premium remy hair lasts much longer.
Synthetic Hair: The best factor about this quality is that they are budget-friendly. Synthetic hair extensions are the most affordable extensions and a convenient way of getting longer & thicker hair without any trouble.

If you have been wearing Clip In or Pre bonded hair Extensions for some time; customers often notice an improvement in hair growth after switching to ‘The Secret Hair.’ This method gives your hair a break without losing that coveted length.

No, your halo won't fall off when worn properly. Because of the angle it sits on your head, our halo will fit securely on your. It might feel a bit unusual in the beginning but you'll start to feel more comfortable the more you wear it, and the more times you check yourself out in the mirror, phone, or reflection of the shop window.

After you have found a style you like, it is time to check out color options. To get the perfect tone first start by identifying your hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. For a natural look, blending your hair on the bottom is the most critical part. Synthetic hair will not dye properly. If the extensions are slightly lighter than your natural hair color, blending them throughout your hair when attaching and styling can give your hair more overall dimension. Send us a color sample to have one of our color specialist match it for you.

These extensions are made from 100% Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair; they can be styled with heat. However, just like your hair; a low heat setting and heat protection spray should be used to avoid damage.

Our products are delivered ready-to-wear and it is our goal to make it perfect so you have to make no changes at all. If you wish to make your halo hair extensions darker, we recommend that you only make your halo two shades darker at most. Don't ever bleach your halo hair extensions to lighten them.